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Empower HQ

Our history

Since the beginning, Empower has been guided by a vision to revolutionize how people save, invest and plan for their future


We believe people deserve better than a one-size-fits-all solution

At Empower, we’ve always been guided by strong values with a focus on helping people achieve the financial freedom they deserve. 

It’s been an incredible journey so far, but our story is just getting started.   

From the very beginning, we’ve prided ourselves on putting our customers first in everything we do — which will never change. The genesis of Empower dates back to 1891, when our parent company was founded as an insurance firm on the Canadian prairie. After more than a century of expansion and a profound evolution of service offerings, the modern iteration of Empower was launched in 2014. Our past is a big part of who we are as a business, but we continue to invest heavily in our current principles and future endeavors.

Today, as the second-largest retirement plan provider1 in the nation and a comprehensive wealth management leader, we proudly serve more than 17 million individuals and over 69,000 different organizations.2

With a constant commitment to growth, innovation and technology, we are fully dedicated to transforming the lives of all Americans. Our personalized tools and solutions are aimed at helping everyone improve their financial confidence so they can pursue their amazing passions and reach their unique goals.

That’s our promise. 

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1 Pension & Investments Defined Contribution Survey Ranking as of April 2020.
2 As of June 30, 2022. Information refers to all retirement business of Empower Annuity Insurance Company of America (EAIC) 
   and its subsidiaries, including Empower Retirement, LLC; Empower Life & Annuity Insurance Company of New York (ELAINY); 
   and Prudential Retirement Insurance & Annuity Company (PRIAC), marketed under the Empower brand. 

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