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Personal Strategy®

Smart Weighting™

A key part of our Personal Strategy, Smart Weighting is our proprietary indexing approach to help with diversification in your portfolio by more equally weighting style, size and sector. It helps provide better mitigation against stock market bubbles that are inherent in traditional market-cap-weighted indexes.

Advantages of your
Personal Strategy

Tax optimization

Our sophisticated tax-optimization process focuses on three key areas: asset location, tax-loss harvesting and tax efficiency.

Disciplined rebalancing

We review portfolios daily for rebalancing opportunities. This provides the potential for enhanced returns by creating a systematic way of buying low and selling high.

Smart Weighting™

Smart Weighting provides more even exposure to factors such as size, style and sector, ultimately designed to provide better diversification for your portfolio.

Dedicated advisor

Your own dedicated service advisor will be there along the way to help with financial planning needs and behavioral coaching.