Personal Strategy®

Our advisors are here for you

Thanks to our technology, which we’ve been refining for over a decade, you and your advisor can work together seamlessly — no matter where you are. You both see the same information in real time, so you can make informed decisions about your financial strategy.

Built for you, wherever you are

We start by integrating our technology within the advisory relationship. This helps us build a successful strategy with the support of a trusted advisor who not only listens but understands you and is able to meet with you virtually, wherever you are.

  • Work with your advisor to build a personalized plan
  • Get answers to your questions, and discuss changes in your situation
  • Your advisor can help you take the emotion out of your decisions

Our advisors work closely with our team of specialists and are there to assist you with any planning-related needs. If you were to purchase these services a la carte from another provider, it would not be unusual to pay several hundred dollars — or more. Our client-only financial planning tools are just one example of how we enhance your financial planning experience.