The work left undone

multi-colored hand prints on canvas

Biology teaches that in order to create life, first atoms must bond together to form molecules. Molecules beget compounds, which in turn create the necessary components to building living things.

The essence of life is how those atoms bond.

The death of George Floyd last week was both shocking and appalling, and the reaction in Minneapolis and across the nation was completely disturbing. Floyd’s death represented the latest example of a society that has not yet lived up to the true calling of its ideals. Those values, which should be self-evident through our nation’s founding principles, are not carried out in the way our society functions.

It is clear that as a nation we still have a lot of work undone.

It’s far too easy to point elsewhere and say “there’s much to be done over there.” No, the work must be done here and now. We have a duty to one another  ̶  a responsibility to those with whom we engage every day.

Like the way atoms must bond to create life, we must continue to make bonds across race, ethnicity, color, national origin, age, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, religion and citizenship status. In so doing we create a living fabric of a society that is worthy of our values.

At Empower, we believe doing the right thing means understanding, supporting and leveraging the inherent and acquired differences that make each of us unique and valuable. We know this is true through our lived experiences every day. Empower is strengthened by its diverse teams and those of the clients we are committed to serving. We are committed to standing against racism, discrimination, harassment and violence in all forms.

This is the time for us to be inclusive not only in our work, but in the communities in which we live and serve. Together, every single one of us is working to create a company of which we are all proud to be a part.

We will continue to strive for the principles in all that we do and through every interaction with every person with whom we work and serve.