An annuity is an insurance contract that provides a guaranteed stream of income for a specified period or for life, and are often used for retirement purposes. Investors invest in or purchase annuities with monthly premiums or lump-sum payments.
Annual percentage yield (APY) is a percentage value that represents the total amount of interest you earn on certain types of accounts during the year. This earned interest goes toward your account balance and helps your account grow faster.

Recent Terms

Wealth Management
Wealth management is the process of reviewing and making decisions about your wealth so you can achieve your financial goals.
Stagflation is an especially difficult economic environment created by the combination of several factors: slow economic growth, high inflation, and a high unemployment rate.
Exchange-traded fund (ETF)
An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a type of investment fund that holds a variety of underlying securities, including stocks, bonds, or alternative assets. It’s a way for investors to pool their money and each gain exposure to the assets within the fund rather than purchasing each asset individually.