Rethink, Rewire, Retire

Rethink, Rewire, Retire

Rethink Rewire Retire

When gray hair is a fashion trend and work is found on apps, retirement plans need to adjust, too.

An original survey conducted by the Harris Poll for Empower Retirement found that two-thirds of retirees and even more near-retirees don’t care much for the term “retirement” at all. And more than 80% of both groups say retirement is more of a mindset than an age.

The survey suggests financial advisors and retirement plan sponsors can help consumers redefine retirement with new, engaging planning tools and investment products. Guiding consumers into an agile second act will mean helping them take charge of their own financial future, rather than playing the role of an omniscient “wizard” behind the curtain.


Key findings

  • Retirement today is the start of a new journey — and it’s definitely not in the slow lane.
  • Retirees and near-retirees are excited to begin this next act of their lives.
  • But most of them dread planning for retirement, which they say is too complicated.
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