Benchmarking your HSA: Top questions answered

Benchmarking your HSA: Top questions answered


An in-depth look at how employers are incorporating investment options and education in their HSAs

Health savings accounts (HSAs) are often offered to employees as part of a larger suite of financial wellness options. To understand more about how employers are integrating HSAs into their benefit offerings, Empower Retirement and Optum Bank sponsored research with the Plan Sponsor Council of America.

The survey found that 85% of all organizations offered investment options for HSA contributions. Among those organizations, 91% indicated that the HSA provider determined the investment options available to plan members. Additionally, many plans reported that they require a minimum balance of more than $1,000 before they allow employees to invest their assets.


Key findings

  • While almost all plans offer mutual funds, less than 3% offer the same investment lineup for their HSA as for their defined contribution plan.
  • Employee education regarding HSAs is a primary concern among 64% of plans surveyed.
  • Most plans primarily offer education about HSAs during open enrollment.
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