Cutting through the clutter

Cutting through the clutter


How to improve retirement plan communications

It hardly needs to be said that people lead busy lives. We see thousands of commercial messages every day, and we don’t even notice most of them. And while participants do want more and better advice, a lot of messaging gets lost in the daily clutter.
Fortunately, effective communication can have a profound impact on how people save, engage with their retirement plan. Here are five ways to effectively communicate with employees:

  1. Prioritize email. Emails are customizable, personalized and permission-based.


  1. Reach out often. Increased exposure can lead to action.


  1. Make it personal. Content should be related to a consumer’s life stage and financial needs.


  1. Tell them something they don’t already know. Enlighten, educate or entertain.


  1. Keep it short and simple. Stay away from financial industry jargon.

For more about how effective communication can build trust and inspire concrete employee action — with better savings outcomes, download the research brief.

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