Empower Retirement and New England Patriots line up with new marketing partnership

Empower Retirement and New England Patriots line up with new marketing partnership


New England Patriots and leading retirement plan provider know the value of thinking further ahead

Empower Retirement, the nation’s second-largest retirement services provider, officially kicked off a new multiyear sponsorship with the four-time Super Bowl champion New England Patriots of the National Football League.

The agreement includes the naming of the team’s practice facilities, which are now called the Empower Field House and the Empower Practice Field. In addition, Empower will enjoy a host of new branding, media and hospitality benefits, including: in-stadium signage; television, radio, digital and social media opportunities; and participation in team events, among other benefits.

“The New England Patriots are world champions. As a first-year sponsor, Empower is very pleased to align its brand with an organization that has long symbolized teamwork, dedication and commitment to excellence,” said Edmund F. Murphy III, president of Empower. “By partnering with the Patriots, we will have the opportunity to deliver our value proposition to a broad audience.”

The long-term marketing partnership aligns Empower with one of the strongest and most recognizable brands in professional sports. The new agreement, signed by the Patriots’ parent company, the Kraft Sports Group, also provides sponsorship of the New England Revolution, a member of Major League Soccer.

“We try to align ourselves with partners who are innovative and leaders in their industries,” said Patriots chairman and CEO Robert Kraft. “Empower Retirement has established itself as a strong leader in helping people prepare for retirement, and we are proud to partner with such a high-performing company.”

In July, Empower announced agreements with three NFL teams, including the Patriots, the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs. These three teams are located in major metropolitan markets where Empower is located. The partnerships provide opportunities for Empower to connect with millions of existing and prospective customers. The agreements go into effect for the 2015 NFL season and extend for multiple years.

"The NFL is the premiere professional sports league in the United States, and its popularity creates a diverse, passionate fan base that spans every demographic," said Murphy. “By partnering with these teams, we have the opportunity to deliver our value proposition to a very broad audience.”

The sponsorships with these three NFL teams are highlighted with the theme of Thinking Further Ahead, which is based on the idea that success on the football field and in retirement planning is best achieved through thoughtful preparation.

“Our mission as a company is to help people do amazing things in retirement,” said Stephen Jenks, head of marketing for Empower. “Along with the Patriots, we can help highlight the idea that retirement offers a chance to lead vibrant, dynamic lives if one thinks further ahead to prepare.”