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How to link accounts to your dashboard

It's easy to link all your accounts and get a 360° view of your money. Learn why this is important and how it can help you meet your goals.

Mobile Link Accounts View

1. Create your account

Start by using your email and phone number to sign in. Then you’ll receive an automated phone call, email or text asking you to confirm your identity.

Create account page mobile view

2. Link your account

Connect your accounts (IRA's, retirement plans, mortgages, loans, checking, credit cards and savings) by searching for your financial institution by name, or enter their website. If you have multiple account types, choose just one category such as cash, credit cards, loans or investments.

Mobile Link Accounts View

3. Enter credentials

When you enter your credentials and click "continue," we verify them with your financial institution. Learn more about how we protect your data.

example of enter account credential page in mobile

4. All set

Now you can easily set a budget, track your spending and know your net worth.

Net worth dashboard shown on a mobile device

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