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Free investment checkup

Tune-up your investments with the free portfolio analyzer

Compare past performance, identify risk, and create models for your investments all at the same time.

Check under the hood of your portfolio

The investment checkup will analyze your portfolio and help make sure your allocation and risk tolerance are aligned with your goals.

Review cost efficiency

View your investments and fees to help make cost-effective decisions saving you money over time

Asset allocation for your goals

Identify your financial goals and view asset allocations to help meet them

Enhanced diversification

Make smarter decisions by understanding how your investments are diversified

A closer look at investment checkup

Make the most of your investments with sound asset allocation

Pinpoint your target allocation and discover new areas for improvement with alternate asset allocations, risk assessment, and more.

Analyze and compare

See if your current investments are ready to perform as well as you'd expect and examine how your portfolio would have performed in the past.

Assess your risk

If you’re taking on too much investment risk, you’ll get suggestions on ways to potentially achieve similar levels of performance while reducing risk.

Get alternative allocations

View an alternative asset allocation that’s an optimal blend of asset classes to achieve a given risk-adjusted return.

Asset allocation, diversification, and/or rebalancing do not ensure a profit or protect against loss.