America’s financial outlook in the face of a pandemic

America’s financial outlook in the face of a pandemic

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For many Americans, this uncertain time has turned into an uncertain future.

During an era where social distancing, staying home and self-quarantining are the norm rather than the exception, the global pandemic is changing the way people across the country — and around the world — are living every day.

In fact, as an original survey conducted by the Harris Poll for Empower Retirement reveals, Americans are more stressed about overcoming the financial strain of a poor economy than they are of actually catching COVID-19 itself. Overall, 82% are worried about the long-term impact of a potential recession in the United States.

Now more than ever, there is an opportunity to offer advice and restore optimism as individuals adjust to today’s current culture.

Key findings:

  • Many adults remain unsure on how today’s crisis affects their savings strategy
  • Investors appear content on “staying the course” despite volatility in market
  • Employees want guidance from their employer on how to manage their retirement account
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