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Empower proudly serves nearly 174,000 individuals from more than 650 churches and religion-affiliated organizations1

Our experience in this market allows us to meet the challenges specific to your organization's needs.

We offer:

Expertise in handling qualified church-controlled (QCCO) and nonqualified church-controlled organizations (non-QCCO).

Recordkeeping flexibility to address unique plan provisions.


Proven aggregation services across legacy providers.


A dedicated faith-based service team.



  1. Re-enroll anyone not currently saving at 3%.
  2. Add an auto increase feature to existing auto-enroll process to boost savings rates by 1% annually (up to 10%).
  3. Roll out new plan sponsor-directed increase of 1% each year for those saving under 10%.


  1. Increased plan participation from 88% to 93%.
  2. Raised the average savings rate from 8% to 8.6%.
  3. Systematically helping 731 participants save more toward their retirement goals.
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1 Empower data for all faith-based plans administered by Empower as of December 31, 2023.

2 Empower data as of 7/1/22 shows 731 of 868 targeted employees started saving more with the plan-initiated auto-increase.

3 Data provided is for illustrative purposes only and not a guarantee of future results. Results provided are based on The Diocese of Nashville plan data.

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