Empower Field at Mile High sign mounted on stadium

Ready for gameday: New mountainous sign installed at Empower Field

Jun 17, 2020
Empower Features

The real sign is the real deal.

It’s also real big.

On Tuesday, the prominent public-facing badge on the south side of Empower Field at Mile High was officially installed at the home of the Denver Broncos. The mountainous, three-dimensional structure spans a spacious total of 4,251 square feet and displays a vast mixture of vibrant lights, colors and details.

In addition, all remaining exterior and interior attractions are scheduled to be finished by the end of the summer.

“The state-of-the-art signage at Empower Field at Mile High gives us a tremendous opportunity to increase our visibility,” said Steve Jenks, chief marketing officer. “We also believe the innovative design, construction and architecture will provide a great sense of pride for everyone throughout the community.”

When it comes to Empower Field at Mile High, the star of the show is in a league of its own at 108 feet wide and 39 feet high.

But its massive size isn’t the only trait that will catch the eyes of the loyal locals who live in Broncos Country.

On top of its extraordinary presence, the main fixture is one of six external emblems and three internal banners that feature a motioned wave effect in the logo’s red flag. It’s a modern element that uses a special sliding technique to bring the ripple to life — and produce a winning experience at night.

“It really makes everything pop,” said David Chiow, creative director in marketing. “That extra finesse is pretty unique.”

Chiow, who has played a primary role in helping build the Empower Field at Mile High logo from its infancy, also notes that every aspect of the new visuals serves an important purpose on a much broader scale.

Call it a team effort, if you will.

The dark background offers easy readability at every view, angle and direction.

The bright letters highlight the name in rain or shine, morning, afternoon or evening.

The orange mountain landscape unites all Coloradoans throughout the state.

The cohesive layout blends both the Empower and Broncos brands together.

“It all connects — and there’s a lot of meaning behind it,” said Chiow, adding that he researched, studied and analyzed several different NFL venues for inspiration. “Everything fell into place and the stars aligned.”

Those stars initially aligned this past September when Empower and the Denver Broncos entered into a 21-year contract for the exclusive naming rights to the 76,000-seat site that hosts more than 300 events annually.

At that moment, for hundreds of associates across the company, their current professional career met their favorite professional sports franchise.

“I have a strong personal attachment to our partnership,” said Lisa Lobato, director of payroll services strategy, who has been with Empower for 32 years. “I’m a lifelong Broncos supporter — and a lifelong Empower employee.”

For Lobato, a fourth-generation native of Denver, she’s undoubtedly seen her fair share of changes at the stadium since it opened in 2001. And whether she’s in attendance or in front of a television, every Sunday in the fall revolves around rooting for the Blue & Orange. Simply put, gameday is no ordinary day in her household.

However, being a part of the crowd or watching with family is no longer just about cheering the Broncos on to victory.

“The first time I saw the Empower logo stream across the stands, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ It was so exciting,” Lobato said. “I’m very proud to be able to say I work here. To see our name all over the stadium is always a real thrill.”

A real thrill for many championship seasons to come.

“The permanent signage is going to be a staple for more than two decades,” Chiow said. “To drive by with my son and look at it is super cool. As a Broncos fan, and as a member of our passionate team here at Empower, it’s very rewarding to create an icon that represents both our values and our city.

“That’s our company up there.”