Institutional Separate Accounts

What are Institutional Separate Accounts?

Institutional separate accounts (also known as insurance company separate accounts) are an insurance company version of a CIT. Like a CIT, institutional separate accounts pool assets from more than one retirement plan to achieve economies of scale and pricing.

Characteristics of insurance company separate accounts:

  • Invest assets in a specific investment strategy, like mutual funds or CITs
  • Are valued daily like mutual funds and CITs
  • Can invest in a wide-range of strategies and asset classes
  • From an investor’s point-of-view, operate just like mutual funds or any other commingled vehicle
  • Are subject to ERISA standards, providing an additional level of protections for investors

Empower Investments Institutional Separate Accounts is a time-tested platform with over 30 years of delivering best-in-class investment strategies from premier asset managers, helping institutional Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit retirement clients meet their investment and fiduciary needs.

Access to leading asset managers across traditional and non-traditional asset classes in solutions that span a wide array of risk and return objectives.

A menu of more than 100 separate account strategies across 49 asset management partners, totaling approximately $50 billion of AUM*.

Offered in the form of insurance company separate accounts, a pooled structure which aggregates assets from multiple retirement plans.



* As of September 30, 2023