Target date solutions

We believe that effective asset allocation includes diversification of both asset managers as well as asset classes.  That is why the Lifetime Funds partner with more than 20 premier asset managers who provide expertise across the spectrum of asset classes, investment styles, market capitalizations and active and passive investment strategies.

Jonathan Kreider, CFA
Senior Vice President and Head of Empower Investments

A retirement strategy that adjusts with age

Empower Lifetime Funds (Lifetime Funds) may be ideal for investors who may not have the time, or comfort level, to choose an asset allocation mix1,2.

Your employees select the Lifetime Fund that has a date in its name that most closely matches the year in which they'd like to retire, and the investment mix grows more conservative as that date approaches.

Multi-firm investment management

While most target date funds invest in underlying proprietary funds, Lifetime Funds embrace a multi-manager approach that provides robust diversification across asset classes, investment styles and investment firms.

We work with more than 20 different premier investment firms operating in either a subadvisory capacity (subadvising underlying Empower Funds) or as a third-party fund (selected for inclusion in Lifetime Fund allocations).

How the manager selection process works


Active and passive investment management

The Lifetime Funds utilize both active and passive strategies, providing investors with the strengths and benefits of actively managed and index funds.


Note: Generally, the asset allocation of each target date fund will gradually become more conservative as the fund nears the target retirement date. The date in a target date fund’s name is the approximate date when investors are expected to start withdrawing their money (generally assumed to be at age 65). The principal value of the fund(s) is not guaranteed at any time, including at the time of the target date and/or withdrawal.

1 Asset allocation options are subject to the risks of the underlying funds, which can be a mix of stock funds and bond funds. For more information, see the prospectus.

2 Empower Capital Management, LLC is the investment adviser.

3 The investment firms listed above include managers and sub-advisors of underlying funds for Empower Lifetime Funds. The companies represented on this page, other than Putnam Investments and Irish Life Investment Managers, are not affiliated with Empower Insurance Company of America or its subsidiaries or affiliates.