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Sales Territory Management & Mapping
Build, optimize and align sales territories and service territories

Our sales, service and franchise management service helps sales managers design, analyze, align, realign and manage geographic field territories. If territories aren't aligned properly, you're wasting resources and losing revenue. Territory mapping solutions can help you optimize the layout and content of your territories based on any number of criteria such as:
bulletDriving distance
bulletCustomers served
bulletLead distribution
bulletWork load
Attend a Web Seminar to discover how market-leading companies use sales territory software and services for territory alignment and sales territory mapping. Register here or call 888.627.7767.

Our sophisticated sales territory management service combines specialized features used in designing and planning territories together with a database, mapping technology, reports, drive time information, territory analysis and optimization.

Our management service includes an optimization engine, which incorporates powerful algorithms that have been designed to rapidly create balanced and travel efficient territories. It is the ideal tool for managers with direct field sales personnel, as well as for those overseeing distributors, resellers, service personnel or franchisees. Its flexible design lends itself to a variety of situations, making it the perfect tool for both simple and complex sales deployment applications.

Sales Territory Map
Empower's intelligent optimization engine allows you to choose the number of territories or a variable (such as sales volume or driving distance) that you want to optimize territories on.

Powerful, Sophisticated, Easy-to-Use

bulletUse multiple data sources to map sales people, customers, sales volume, prospects, competitors, demographics and more.
bulletAssign a weight to variables used for optimizing.
bulletSet an optimization goal based on number of territories or a target data value (such as sales potential).
bulletOptimize within existing hierarchies (e.g. districts, regions, etc.) or other defined areas.
bulletCreate overview territory map and maps for every individual territory.

Sales Territory Mapping
Our sales territory mapping service provides a visual display to easily pinpoint territories that can benefit from a more balanced alignment. Sales territory planning will save your company time and money.

Territory Map-before

Above: Territories out of balance result in an uneven distribution of workload, leading to wasted resources and lost revenue. Below: Properly aligned territories let you reach the most customers while optimally using your resources.

Territory Map-after

A Powerful Productivity Tool

Sales territory alignment is a very underutilized, yet powerful sales force productivity tool. Most organizations overlook a significant opportunity to increase sales and profits by not aligning and balancing sales territories appropriately. In today’s competitive marketplace, companies cannot afford to have inefficiently designed territories.

Efficient territory design is the key to increased performance for two reasons:

bulletOur experience tells us that in most companies, over 40% of all field sales reps have either too much work or too little work. This means that the sales resource is being wasted, since a field rep with too much work will not make all required calls and a field rep with too little work is being underutilized. In each case, the result is reduced productivity and sales revenue.
bulletThe average field sales rep spends approximately 20% of their time traveling. More efficient territory design results in less travel time which translates into more selling time. Even a small decrease in travel can result in large revenue increases.

Sales Territory Alignment: Grow Sales Without Adding Resources
By David Klein

For many companies, the sales force is one of their most expensive human resource investments, with sales calls costing upwards of several hundred dollars. 

Companies have turned to Sales Force Automation (SFA) systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, enhanced sales training and account management programs to gain more productivity from their sales force. While each of these initiatives has merit, many companies have found that a sales territory alignment initiative can increase productivity and sales at a relatively low cost.

Sales territories, by nature, are geographic in nature. When they are out of balance, some areas with high potential customers may be underserved while other areas are saturated. Too much effort may be expended against low potential customers. Sales and service people spend too much “windshield time” driving from sales call to sales call and don’t spend enough time seeing and listening to customers. 

The result of these inefficiencies is that companies not only often leave millions of dollars on the table, they suffer from low morale and high turnover among sales people.

The Benefits of Sales Territory Alignment

Aligning sales territories is an important initiative and can lead to many benefits for a business. Good territory alignment will increase sales and customer coverage, reduce travel time and associated costs, provide a competitive advantage, and foster equity and morale among sales people.

Increased sales and customer coverage — When territories are properly aligned, issues of under- and over-capacity are reduced or eliminated. Each territory is created allowing the sales person to reach and spend time with the greatest number of high potential customers, thus increasing sales. 

Reduced travel time and associated expenses — Due to the geographic nature of sales territories, better alignment means less travel time to reach customers. Less time spent in the car means more time spent with customers, thus more time for selling. Other associated expenses such as fuel and automobile costs are reduced as well. 

Competitive advantage — This benefit of sales territory alignment is often overlooked. However, if you have better coverage in your territories, you can reach new opportunities faster than your competitors, again leading to increased sales.

Equity and morale — Nothing can be more discouraging to a sales person than to see an associate milking a highly profitable territory while they’re stuck servicing an area with low potential. Properly aligned territories provide a more equitable distribution of accounts, level the playing field in terms of achieving rewards, and boost morale among sales people. In addition, sales people stay longer, thus lowering the costs associated with new hiring.

When to Align Sales Territories
Many companies conduct a yearly review of sales territories. The year’s performance may or may not lead to a change in the shape or makeup of the sales territories. However, a number of situations should compel you to embark on a sales territory alignment initiative, including:


If your sales territories are based on historical data rather than potential for sales. 


If you have a new or changed sales team due to acquisition, merger, partnering or restructuring.


If your company is launching a major strategic initiative and sales staffing is not matched to it.


If your sales team has experienced significant changes over a short period of time.


Each of these situations is ripe with the potential for decreased productivity, missed customer opportunity, and confusion and competition among sales people. Sales territory alignment can help rectify all these situations.

How to Align Sales Territories
There are many software packages available to help you align territories. Some are simple and may lack the functionality required to align multi-tiered territories and account for complex relationships. Others can be sophisticated, expensive and non-intuitive. You may want to engage a firm with expertise in sales territory alignment that can advise on the territory alignment process and provide software and analysis services.

Most successful sales territory alignment initiatives follow a proven process similar to this:


Analyze current territories, sales force composition, compensation plans, target markets, customer locations and market penetration. 


Assess existing territories to find underserved or saturated areas based on the number of customers and prospects in each territory, and analyze how easily they can be reached by your sales force. 


Determine the number of territories needed based on your criteria for realignment. Criteria can include equitable distribution of leads or workload, account assignment, number of sales people, travel time, location of distributors, and other variables relevant to your business. 


Rank and align territories, optimizing them at multiple levels. For example, territories that roll up into districts, districts into regions, and so on. 

In addition, once territories are aligned, you will want to roll out the new territories to your sales force by providing detailed territory maps, either printed or online through your intranet. The maps can include the boundaries of territories, customer and prospect locations, market penetration levels and areas of high potential. Now you’ve given your sales force a much higher probability of success.

Discover how better sales territory management can increase your revenues and save you money. Our sales territory mapping service is used by national and regional companies throughout the United States for sales territory planning and mapping. Call 888.627.7767 to speak with one of our sales territory experts.

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* Franchise Areas 
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* Marketing Areas 
* Advertising Zones 
* Merchandise Areas 
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* And Many Others!





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