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Business Mapping Software - MapInfo Professional®

MapInfo Professional from Pitney Bowes Software, is a powerful Microsoft Windows-based mapping application that allows business analysts and GIS professionals to easily visualize the relationships between data and geography.


NEW MapInfo Professional v11 Now Available!


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MapInfo Professional v11 Highlights


MapInfo Professional v11.0 addresses key usability and business problems related to spatial data creation, analysis, access and spatial data management. The new browser window offers advanced data entry options and follows the latest industry practices that result in a simple yet effective alphanumeric data entry experience. MapInfo Professional’s direct integration with MapInfo Manager promotes effective use of an organization’s spatial data. The all new Premium Services option makes road level contextual data or navigating a map as easy as clicking a button or typing an address. 


Faster tabular data creation and analysis via the all new Browser Window

MapInfo Professional v11.0 makes tabular data entry, editing, navigation and analysis a snap. The new browser window offers advanced data entry options and adopts the latest industry practices for easy and effective data entry. Easy access to rich stylistic and display options such as font, size and control over alternating row color ensures improved data readability.

Perform memory intensive operations through enhanced support of 64-bit operating environments

On a 64 bit system, MapInfo Professional can use up to 4GB of RAM instead of 2GB. "Memory hungry" tasks benefit from this enhancement. Examples include:


Large geographic data processing tasks such as combining a lot of regions together


Opening or exporting large image files


Creating georegistered PDF files with attributes

Direct integration with MapInfo Manager, enabling efficient searching, accessing and management of spatial data throughout an organization

MapInfo Professional v11.0 integration with MapInfo Manager simplifies data management including the ability to quickly find and open the right data based on specific use criteria. V10.5 added the ability to search and view metadata catalogs created by MapInfo Manager. V11.0 extends this integration with the ability to add map data to MapInfo Manager right from MapInfo Professional. The integration with MapInfo Manager will allow users to:


Quickly find the needed data anywhere in the organization


View origin, quality and author without ever opening the data


Add the data to your map with a click of a button


Share data you create with others in the organization

All this can now be achieved without ever leaving MapInfo Professional.

The available Premium Services includes instant access to worldwide road level tile-data “Move Map To”

MapInfo Professional v11.0 users can now opt for additional functionality gaining access to the latest Road Tile data with a click of a button. Within Premium Services, users can access Open Street Map tiles (OSM) and Bing road tile services directly from their Mapper window. Users can easily overlay street tile data to enable rapid contextual awareness without extensive overheads in opening large amounts of data. If users need to access different places of interest quickly, the ‘Move Map To’ Premium Service allows users to type in a place or address and zoom directly to the desired location with a click of the mouse.

Call 888.627.7767 to upgrade today.

Visualize, Analyze, Strategize with MapInfo Professional Business Mapping Software

bulletCreate highly detailed maps to enhance business presentations and aid in decision making
bulletReveal patterns and trends in your data that may otherwise be impossible to see
bulletPerform sophisticated and extensive data analysis
bulletUnderstand customer and marketplace demographics
bulletManage geographically based assets, such as stores, people and property
bulletPlan logistics and prepare for emergency response



The award-winning MapInfo Professional software package includes a built-in geocoder, more than 579 MB of data and an extensive collection of pre-designed maps.
It's simple to use, powerful and easily integrates with other mapping applications.

Feature List:

MapInfo has exhaustively tested MapInfo Professional under the following Microsoft Windows Desktop Operating Systems:


Windows XP Professional 32-bit Service Pack 3 (SP3)


Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit SP1


Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1 with 32-bit compatibility mode


Windows 2008 Server 32-bit SP2


Windows 2008 Server 32-bit SP2 with XenServer


Windows 2008 Server R2 64-bit SP1

Note: There are no special installation instructions for installing MapInfo Professional on a 64Bit Windows Operating System.

Work you do in MapInfo Professional should be accessible to everyone. These Publishing features make it easy to put your analysis into colleagues' and executives' hands.


MapInfo Discovery Connectivity allows you to send MapInfo Professional map workspaces to a MapInfo Discovery enabled server where anyone with a Browser can view maps you publish.


MapInfo MapX Mobile Tool provides a quick and easy way to export MapInfo Professional map windows to Pocket PC devices running MapInfo MapX mobile applications.


Crystal Reports version 9.0 provides powerful, user-friendly controls for creating complex reports, including the ability to embed maps via OLE and add charts; new wizards and templates for report layouts extensive export options to formats such as PDF, HTML or XML. The reporting engine comes with a powerful yet user-friendly interface for creating complex reports.  Some of the feature highlights are: Back end Microsoft Access engine (MDB Files) ability to embed MapInfo maps, add charts, wizards and templates for report layout.  Extensive export options such as PDF, XML, HTML and Excel formats are also available.  


Export Window allows you to choose a resolution that meets your needs.


Workspace Packager, a workspace sharing tool provides an interface that can copy all open files to a single directory and recreate the workspace referencing the new directory.  The utility facilitates the successful sharing of complex workspaces that often access many network locations and data types.


 Save map window with coordinates

There are two use examples/benefits to this feature.

1. Ability to save a base map as a raster to simplify the map and speed up display

      2. Trim large raster images and produce smaller sections w/geo-data


Export to Google Earth is yet another option for MapInfo Professional users to share results of their work with others in their organization.  The Google Earth Utility allows users to overlay MapInfo Professional data and maps over Google Earth imagery. This ability can aid in enhancing the presentation of analysis maps when communicating MapInfo Professional analysis results with the rest of the organization.


Print to PDF - MapInfo has bundled a PDF viewer with MapInfo Professional. This is a commonly used tool for creating and viewing maps in PDF format.  PDF format is a very common and interoperable format for sharing documents which simplifies the ability to share analysis results with the rest of the organization.

Getting Your Data on the Map


MapInfo Professional's built-in geocoding capability allows for fast and accurate placement of address data on to maps. Numerous controls are at your disposal, including the ability to specify how far to offset an address from the side of a street and how far to inset an address from the ends of street segments.

Geocoding Services

MapInfo Professional provides direct connectivity to MapInfo’s enterprise  platform Envinsa, MapMarker or MapInfo hosted Envinsa On-Line Services (EOLS) via industry standard WEB SERVICES technology. This built in connectivity provides the ability to access high quality street level geocoding. Using the geocoding services for instance, customers can quickly location-enable their data by following a simple process from within MapInfo Professional and start location analysis with minimal effort.

Create Points

MapInfo Professional also allows you to create points quickly and easily.  If your data already contains coordinates - longitude and latitude or others, you can map it directly by creating point objects from the coordinates. If not, you can still get your data on the map either by geocoding or by joining your data with an existing map layer to analyze your data.

MapInfo Professional includes the ability to generate drive regions through connectivity to MapInfo's Envinsa platform. Driving regions represent areas that can be traveled within a given time or distance following the street network. The ability to know the number of customers that can be reached within a given driving distance or understanding how far sister stores should be placed to avoid internal competition is critical to site planning and strategic business decisions. The capability also helps in designing targeted marketing campaigns that are based on customer’s proximity to available services.

MapInfo Professional makes your analysis effortless with the ability to measure distance, length, perimeter, and area. You can aggregate the count, sum, average, min, max, and weighted average. You can also perform geographic joins, contains or within as well as textual matches. Finally, use these tools and options to extract information from your data:


Info Tool: click on any point of the map and retrieve the database records of all the objects located there.


Statistics Tool: show the sum and average of all the numeric fields in all the records in the current selection. Dynamically changes with the selection.


Calculate Statistics Option: calculate the minimum, maximum, range, sum, mean, variance, and standard deviation of a single numeric column of all the records in the current selection.

Prism maps are great for bivariate mapping. Combine with color thematics to map two attributes onto one map.


Prism Mapping

Uncover patterns and trends based on data values with Thematic Mapping.  You can shade, use bar & pie charts, graduated symbols, dot density, and grids.  The new prism mapping feature lets you take a flat map and turn it into something special.  You can select regions on your map, extrude them to any height and your maps pop off the page.

Choose from hundreds of colors, symbols and line types to enhance comparisons and store popular combinations in Thematic Templates. Save frequently used templates for future reference and modification.

3D Views

3D window and Prism maps continue to be a distinctive and powerful way to visualize and analyze data and MI Pro v9.0 makes this feature even more compelling.

The drape files over 3D terrain are now of significantly higher quality, resulting in more legible labels and higher quality 3D maps.  Create a 3D view of any map containing a continuous thematic grid layer. Based on Microsoft's implementation of OpenGL software graphics interface, our 3D viewing feature allows freehand tilt and rotation of the image as well as traditional panning and zooming. Create 3D views with any grid format by directly reading MI Grid, VM Grid, DEM, DTED and GTOPO30.  Make the terrain stand out by interpolating the data or by using relief shading.  And to really make your maps something special, utilize the prism mapping function to extrude specific variables to new heights --- making them pop off the page.


Data Access and Raster Display Options

One of the most powerful aspects of MapInfo Professional is its ability to combine data from widely different sources, even with different formats and projections, in the same map window.

Once combined in the map window, relationships that only exist geographically are revealed. You can also overlay vector and raster data together. In the map window, you can control the order of layers, their display characteristics, and labeling. You can also control the translucency of raster images. Now, instead of simple backdrops, raster images can be made semi-transparent

and mixed with vector and other raster images.


MapInfo Professional has been enhanced to offer even more powerful enterprise data access with support for the following applications:


Oracle Spatial


Microsoft Access 2007, Excel 2007, SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2005

PostgreSQL 9.0 with PostGIS 1.5.2 (with the ODBC driver delivered with PostgreSQL 9.0) PostGIS extends a PostgreSQL database to support spatial data (geographic objects). PostGIS follows the OpenGIS Simple Features Specification for SQL.

In addition to offering enhanced enterprise data access, MapInfo Professional enables you to access local data in a wide variety of formats including:


Vector data in MapInfo TAB and WMF files


Raster data in BMP, JPG, TIFF, BIL, SID, PNG, PSD and ECW files


Grid data in MapInfo MIG, VMGrid, DEM, DTED levels 0-2, ESRI Grid, and GTOPO30 files


Tabular data in Delimited ASCII text, XLS, WKS, DBF and MDB files


Microsoft Excel and csv data


Direct reading of ESRI Shape File format


Support for GML V2 (Geography Markup Language).  Allows the importing of individual files for OS Mastermap Independent polygon format, which is supplied by the UK Ordnance Survey


Extensive support for imagery (Raster) formats including built-in MrSid and ECW support, ERDAS IMG, AirPhoto USA, GIF, JPEG2000 Import and Export support, built-in support for ADRG, CADRG, CIB, ASRP and NTIF (Government Raster Formats), PDF and XML support for exporting reports (through Crystal Reports 8.5)


Importing and Exporting Data

With the Universal Translator, MapInfo Professional makes importing and exporting data in different formats easier than ever before.


Import vector data with these formats MIF/MID, DXF, DGN, SHP, E00, VPF, and SDTS


Export vector data with these formats MIF/MID, DXF, DGN, SHP, and E00


Compress raster images into the ECW format

Hunt for answers in your data with standard SQL queries. In addition to the standard key words - Select, From, Where Group By, Order By, and Into, MapInfo Professional offers these special geographic key words:

Contains, Within, Partly Within, Entirely Within, and Intersects

You can also aggregate data with:

Sum(), Min(), Max(), Count(*), Avg.(), and WtAvg() functions

Build and save SQL queries that access and integrate data from multiple tables. Frequently performed queries can be written once, re-used and even distributed to others. You can also invert a selection. Instead of crafting a complex query to select all but a few records or objects, just select the few you want to exclude, and invert the selection to unselect them and simultaneously select all the others.

MI Pro has made selecting geographic objects a piece of cake.  Simply utilize point, marquee, radius, polygon, and boundary tools to complete your tasks.  Select the appropriate tool and click or click and drag on the map to select the geographic objects you want.

Object Processing

MapInfo Professional has powerful object processing capabilities including Combine, Disaggregate, Buffer, Convex Hull, Enclose, Split, Erase, and Erase Outside. Also included are smooth, unsmooth, convert to polygon, and convert to polyline.  MapInfo Professional has new ways for you to clean and modify your data with new object processing functions including check for self-intersections, gaps and overlaps; clean self-intersections, gaps and overlaps; snap nodes together; and thin or generalize.  These functions allow you to detect and correct self-intersections, gaps and overlaps as well as simplify geometry --- making your data more accurate.

MI Pro offers tremendous advantages for creating, managing and analyzing data within   your own custom-defined regions such as trade areas, sales territories, school or municipal districts.


Voronoi Polygons introduce new possibilities for data presentation and analysis. Through simple user interface it is now possible to create exclusive coverage and trade areas for point data. Applications for such functionality are extensive. Some examples are: Finding exclusive trade areas for retail, modeling cell tower coverage or even working with dense point data in more presentable way. 


Split Objects simplifies the creation of custom areas in cases where you want to split a region (along a highway or river, for instance) by adding a line or polyline.


Erase and Erase Outside on point objects, multipoints and collections.


Data Aggregation support for buffer operation.


MapInfo Professional has a built-in feature that gives you the ability to build and manipulate districts and territories. It can work with any layer and over 500 different districts. As you build or modify territories, it displays running statistics that you specify on each: count of objects, sum and percentage of total of any numeric value in the data.

MapInfo Professional provides continuous thematic mapping, independent of any existing geographic layer, via interpolation. For example, you can show air temperature as measured at various locations as a continuously varying color spread instead of trying to color political boundaries, postal delivery zones, or something else as inappropriate. MapInfo Professional gives you more choices in Interpolations. Choose between inverse distance weighting (IDW) - based and triangulated irregular network (TIN) - based interpolation. You can also add relief shading to the results of interpolation to make variations in the surface stand out. Any interpolated grid can be used to display a map in the 3D window.

Internet Connectivity

MapInfo Professional is enabled for the Internet in three different ways: First, the Hotlink Tool lets you make any object or label into a hotlink. You can launch web sites, open images such as BMP, JPEG, GIF and almost any other file including multimedia AVI, WAV or documents like DOC, PPT or XLS. And you can even open map files like TAB, WOR MDX and of course, HTML Image Maps. Second, the HTML Image Map Tool lets you turn any map into a clickable web page. Select one or more layers of points, lines, and polygons to be active. Specify which, if any, columns should be included on the landing pages and which should be links. Finally, use the MapInfo Metadata Browser, included on the CD, to hunt for data on FGDC compliant clearing-house servers.

Create and modify graphical and tabular data with MapInfo Professional's drawing and digitizing tools.  Create professional looking maps by creating points, lines, polylines, polygons, square/rectangles, circle/ellipses, text, multi-point, region (multi-polyline), and collection objects.

Modifying your maps is a breeze with tools like snap to node, move adjacent nodes and trace.  Editing your maps is also easily done with tools that cut, copy, paste, move, resize, reshape and undo.

You can rotate labels and symbols and in all types of styles including vector, raster, TrueType symbols as well as custom line styles.  You can even fill patterns and use TrueType fonts.  MapInfo Professional's tools make drawing and editing quick and simple.

MapInfo Professional gives you the power to manipulate tables easily with intuitive tools.  You can add/modify/delete/index columns and pack tables, quickly and easily.

MapInfo Professional offers automatic, on-the-fly, and customizable, coordinate systems derived from any of 30 major projections. Users modify existing and/or add new coordinate systems based on these projections.

MI Pro also offers the ability to rotate maps with an Affine transformation as well as being able to display cursor location in decimal degrees, DDMMSS, meters, and Military Grid Reference System.

Supported projections include:


Albers Equal–Area Conic


Azimuthal Equidistant (polar aspect only)


Austrian Projection


NEW Cassini-Soldner 


Cylindrical Equal Area


Double Stereographic Projection


Eckert IV


Eckert VI


Equidistant Conic, also known as Simple Conic




Hotine Oblique Mercator


Japan JGD 2000 Projection


JGD 200 - expanded geographic coverage


KKJ - enhanced accuracy


NEW Lambert Azimuthal Equal-Area


Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area (polar aspect only)


Lambert Conformal Conic


Lambert Conformal Conic (modified for Belgium 1972)






Miller Cylindrical




New Zealand Map Grid


New Zealand Projection


Oblique Azimuthal




Regional Mercator








Swiss Oblique Mercator


Transverse Mercator, also known as Gauss Kruger


Transverse Mercator, (modified for Danish System 34 Jylland Fyn)


Transverse Mercator, (modified for Danish System 45 Bornholm)


Transverse Mercator, (modified for Finnish KKJ)


Transverse Mercator, (modified for Sjaelland)

  Charts & Graphs

Get noticed with MapInfo Professional's interactive graphs and charts including 3D, bubble, column, histogram, surface, area, bar, line and pie scatter charts. Select graph templates from thumbnail sketches. Graphing style control includes position, tilt, rotation and pie explosion. Choose database records by clicking on sections of a chart or graph.

MapBasic Development Language


Custom menus, dialogs, buttons


External function cells

Integrated Mapping

bullet Visual Basic, C++, and PowerBuilder






bullet Interpolation

MapInfo Professional provides tools for every imaginable task, too many to list.  A brief selection of some unique, popular and powerful tools includes:

A Coordinate Extractor tool which simplifies getting coordinates out of geographic objects and into columns in the database.

Three Rotation tools - one for symbols, one for labels, and one for map windows -are included for ease of use. These tools enable you to rotate all the symbols in a map, labels in a map, or the entire map window at once.

A ScaleBar tool that can even create horizontal scale bars on projected maps with curved lines of latitude.

A Table Manager tool that supports adding, modifying and deleting meta data keys and displays the meta data associated with a table. Meta data templates can also be used to streamline the process for users who create or modify tables frequently.

The MapX Geoset tool provides read/write access to MapInfo MapX, MapInfo MapX Mobile and MapXtreme GeoSets.

The EasyLoader tool uploads MapInfo TAB files into Oracle Spatial and SpatialWare databases.

Drag & Drop Tool - Improve presentations by 'dragging and dropping' a map into other applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Corel Draw.  Or export maps directly into Adobe PhotoShop.

MapInfo Professional enhances its fill patterns. One of the key benefits of MI Pro is map visualization – fill patterns of regions provide the ability to highlight a region or differentiate different territories from each other. MI Pro adds over 100 new fill patterns giving greater options for map display.


MI Pro provides the ability to have more custom symbols (up to 32,000), higher resolution and higher color depth and size symbols. Customers often prefer to use their own high-resolution company logo or even a store photo as a symbol on a map for their stores. MI Pro makes all this possible. The benefit is higher quality maps with any image size or color as the symbol.


Set Map Window Scale in Layout Window

MapInfo Professional enhanced the scale control of the map window in layout which changes the map zoom level to match the scale required without changing the map frame. This enhancement facilitates the use of standard templates for creation of consistent maps at a set scale in a given layout.

Use these features to enhance the look of your maps:

bullet New North Arrow allows you to place a stylized North arrow in a Map or Layout Window
bullet Label Partial Objects increases your labeling options
bullet Change View when using MGRS (Military Grid System) coordinates

Prepare for printing by positioning maps, thematic and cartographic legends, tables, graphs, 3D views, annotations on a virtual page.


Map Creation and Editing Options

With the enhanced data editing functions, customers now can rotate a selection of any map objects at a specified pivot point or offset map objects using precise units for a move or a copy operation. This capability is particularly important when creating custom geographies or editing and maintaining existing ones. MI Pro also adds the ability to zoom in/out while in data creation mode. Another enhancement to the editing function is the addition of continues visible snap area and option to toggle into cross-hair mode.

In the area of tools and utilities, MI Pro provides two new utilities. The first is the enhanced line creation by bearing and distance tool which now supports any unit of measure and the output can be directed to any editable layer. The second utility is a line snap/extend tool that will extend or snap specified intersecting line objects.

To help create the precise and accurate results you want – faster – MI Pro delivers several new and enhanced functions for creating and editing maps and objects, including:


Undo Nodes during polyline and polygon creation


Nudge Objects using arrow keys


Rotate Objects including lines, polylines, polygons, rectangles, circles and ellipses


Control Default Settings for Projections, Object Styles and Autoscroll


Projection Support added for Austrian Projection, Double Stereographic Projection, New Zealand Projection and Japan JGD 2000 Projection

Enhanced Keyboard Control:

MapInfo adds many new keyboard shortcuts to frequently used operations such as find, previous view, find selection and clear target as well as pan using the arrow keys and zoom in and out using the +/- keys. The keyboard support further simplifies the usability of the product and facilitates greater productivity.


Enhanced Open Windows Management:

MapInfo Professional enhances the Window Name/Rename utility to rename any open window and reworked the window management user interface for more efficient management of multiple open windows.

Working in MapInfo Professional is a delight with upgrades to several features that let you operate swiftly and efficiently.


New File Open Dialog Box opens Tables, Workspaces raster images, ESRI Shape files or Database connections all for the same dialog box


Set Default Locations for TAB files, Workspaces and MapBasic applications – much like Windows’ “My Documents” folder


Create New Table now includes an option to use an existing table as a template


Data Import option for MS Excel has been enhanced

MapInfo is fully dedicated to providing software that enables users to easily create, provide and share geographic data with other users.  To that end, we have be an principle member of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) since 1995. 

MapInfo Professional adds supports for Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), WFS and WMS Services. Customers can now access any OGC compliant, WFS or WMS server (from any vendor) and add the data as a layer in MapInfo Professional. The OGC compliant servers are often using different technologies in different locations over the intranet or internet. MapInfo Professional comes with many of them pre-loaded as examples with a simple user interface to add additional server locations as needed. The data that is accessed through WFS or WMS service, can be overlaid on top of data sets from local or remote sources. By supporting this Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) service, MapInfo Professional provides a new level of integration and interoperability.


The Best in Business Mapping Software
MapInfo Professional is hands down the best business mapping software on the market, used by thousands of business analysts to make key decisions where location information is critical. Call your MapInfo Partner at 888.627.7767 or email us today to discuss how MapInfo Professional can address your business needs.


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