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Market Segmentation and Demographic Analysis
Segment customers and profile customers using demographic data and demographic mapping

Empower Geographics offers the best market segmentation research, psychographic and demographic solutions available on the market today. We offer consumer, business and industry demographics. We also offer psychographics for profiling consumer brand preferences and spending habits of a population or area. 

Attend a Web Seminar to discover how market segmentation and demographic profiling can help you segment customers and analyze markets. Register here or call 888.627.7767.

Whether you need to determine the demographic profile of a 5-mile radius around a store, map the potential of all neighborhoods in your markets, or see which businesses in a region fit the data profile of your target customer, our demographics and customer segmentation solutions let you gain deep insight into customer behavior and market potential.

Demographics and psychographics help you answer key questions about your market and customers, including:

bulletHow big is the total opportunity market?
bulletWhat is my revenue potential?
bulletWho is my current and future competition and how much am I losing to them?
bulletWhere are the untapped market opportunities?
bulletHow can I increase ROI on my campaigns?
bulletWhich of my customers are profitable and how do I find more just like them?
bulletHow can I best reach and keep my customers?
bulletWhich customers are most likely to purchase from me and which products/services do they want?

Market Segmentation Research

bullet You can perform market research to segment a population or geography according to criteria important to your business: demographics, psychographics, lifestyle, customer or consumer preferences, buying patterns and more. You'll be able to see on a map "who buys what where" making your market segmentation research successful.

Demographic Data

bulletWe offer the most current and accurate demographic data from a variety of sources including historical, current and projected demographics for any level of geography, from block group to country.

Customer Segmentation

bulletYour ability to create customer segmentation profiles based on demographic data combined with your own customer data will make customer purchasing and behavior trends pop out at you. You'll be able to answer questions such as: "Where do your best customers live?" What is the average income of customers who buy product X?" and many other questions that provide intelligence for your marketing and merchandising decisions.


bulletPsychographics -- or lifestyle and behavioral data -- are extremely useful for data profiling and geographic profiling. You can understand the lifestyle and behavioral characteristics of the people living in any geographic area: what magazines they read, products they buy, movies they like to watch, brand preferences and more. You can also append psychographics to your customer list for for customer segmentation purposes -- you can correlate customer purchasing patterns with psychographic data to create customer profiles.

ZIP Code Demographics

bulletZIP Code demographics are popular and useful for examining market areas. We offer highly accurate, up-to-date ZIP Code boundaries with demographic data aggregated to this geography level. You can also analyze demographic data at any other geographic level, including blocks, block groups, census tracts, counties, area codes and your own custom-defined geographic areas.
ZIP Code Demographics
Geographic Profiling 
Market Segmentation
We can meet your needs whether you prefer to install and maintain your own software and data or have us perform market segmentation, geographic profiling, and demographic mapping services for you.

MapInfo TargetPro: Customer segmentation and demographic data analysis in the MapInfo Environment

The most accurate, up-to-date demographic data available

Detailed market segmentation reports and interactive maps

Desktop or Web-based data profiling systems

Integration with leading Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and databases


MapInfo TargetPro gives business and market analysts insight into the demographic and purchase behavior characteristics of any geographic area. With TargetPro you can profile, analyze and understand customers and markets to predict buying behavior for virtually any business or consumer product or service.

bulletFully integrated into the MapInfo Professional desktop GIS environment, providing a map-based interface
bulletUses MapInfo PSYTE lifestyle cluster codes
bulletClick here for more on TargetPro


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